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AWT Machinery is proud to announce that in July 2016, it signed an agency agreement to represent Progress Maschinen Automation, out of Brixen Italy, in the USA and Canada. Progress Maschinen is an innovative machine building company specializing in wire mesh and rebar equipment. Their main focus is to design and build fully automatic setup machinery, that virtually eliminates the need for an operator. This approach of machines that automatically change wire diameters and product dimensions and specifications without and operators intervention, means less scrap, more machine up time and the ability to run very low volumes efficiently.

Take for example their M-System mesh welding line. This complete line, comprises of automated straightening and cutting machines on the input side, that feed the linewire and crosswire directly into the mesh welding portal, and automated benders, trimmers and stacking systems on the output side. With the M-System only one operator is needed to run the entire line, which would normally require 3-4 operators with conventional equipment. Furthermore the operator has little to do, except visually keep an eye on the machine and replace the wire coils, that feed the straightening and cutting machines, when they are exhausted. But, what makes the M-System truly a remarkable machine, and a game changer in the mesh business, is its ability to run one piece of mesh using for example ¼” wire, and then to run a second piece, right behind the first, that is of a different wire diameter, different linewire and crosswire pitch and different overall width and length. This all takes place seamlessly, without any operator intervention and with virtually no downtime between different parts. Compare this to conventional mesh welding machines that can take a shift to make a part change, and you can quickly see how a Progress M-System can change your business.




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AWT Machinery Inc. is a representative for some of the worlds most prestigious wire working machinery producers, including CLIFFORD, EUROLLS and recently added PROGRESS MASCHINEN. Our coverage area includes North America and Mexico. We are committed to offering superior equipment and support to our customers and developing long term partnerships that are beneficial to both companies. How can we help you? PROGRESS MASCHINEN located in Brixen Italy, has been designing and manufacturing rebar processing equipment for over 50 years. This equipment includes automated offcoil combined straightening & cutting with integrated two head bender and stirrup benders. In more recent years Progress has added mesh welding machinery, such as the popular M-System mesh lines to their product offering. What set's Progress apart from it's competitors is its focus on building innovative machines that virtually require no operator to run or setup the machine for different wire products. This means less scrap, more up time, lower operating costs and the ability of users to produce very small batches efficiently.

CLIFFORD has been producing machinery for the wire industry for over 45 years and has installations in all corners of the globe. CLIFFORD's range of machinery includes reinforcing mesh welders, fine mesh welders, grating welders, Integrated profiling and straightening lines, high speed wire straighteners, wire fencing welders and block mesh welders.

EUROLLS S.p.A. which incorporates the VITARI brand has grown from a respected manufacturer of tungsten carbide wire and tube rolls and specialized roll solutions into a globally renowned producer of machinery. The EUROLL's and VITARI range of machinery includes Cold Rolling machines, LRPC and strand manufacturing machines, Gabion mesh and Chainlink mesh machines, Barbed wire machines, Steel fiber machines, Lattice girder machines, Welding wire/rod machines, Steel cord / bead wire machines and Straighten and cut machines.