Chain Production Machines


The chain production machine range are designed to achieve the chain link bending in three distinct phases. Each phase is controlled by a cam shaft that directly operates the bending slides and which allows a bigger, more rigorous and constant chain link formation. The central bending tools are also equipped with special polygonal rollers which allow forming of the links without surface marking of the material. The wire notching system considerably reduces the force needed during the cutting process and allows for a much improved weld so that even high tensile alloys, such as those used for lifting chains, are capable of being manufactured on this machine. The machine is equipped with wire length control system to ensure a constant geometry of the chain link form and high productivity.




Model Wire gauge Max. pitch
Mesh output
500 N/mm2 750 N/mm2
MC 4 2,0-4.0 2,0-3,5 20 200
MC 7 3,0-7,0 3,0-6,0 45,5 150
MC 11 6,0-11 6,0-10 65 100
MC 16 7,0-16 7,0-14 100 80
MC 22 12-22 12-20 125 45
MC 26 16-26 16-23 125 30