Lattice Girder LinesLattice Girder Lines

Eurolls lattice girder line type TE:

The Eurolls lattice girder line type TE is a machine that allow the automatic production of electro welded lattice girders starting from cold rolled wire and/or hot rolled wire rod. The entry wires are straightened, shaped, positioned and electro welded, and the lattice girder produced is then cut-to-length to be stacked before final removal. The standard lattice girder is normally used in the modern concrete construction industry but Eurolls “TE” lines can also be studied for the production of special girders in accordance with a client’s particular technical specifications.

All line operations and girder production parameters are directly controlled by the line operator from the main control pulpit. The lattice girder production process is automated limiting the duties of the line operator to the general control of the line, the loading of entry material and to the removal of the finished and stacked product.

Ease of operation and set up, together with high productivity, flexibility and efficiency are the basis of the design of the “TE” Eurolls lattice girder lines


Wire Rolling Cassettes

Key benefits

  • Capable of handling both cold rolled and hot rolled wire
  • Machine can be configured according to customer's product requirements
  • Fully automated operator merely places raw material at entry point and removes stacked finished product




Upper wires (ds) 5 - 12mm standard ( higher options available)
Lower wires (di) 4 - 12mm standard ( higher options available)
Stirrup (dg) 3 - 7mm standard ( higher options available)
Stirrup pitch (P) 200mm standard ( variable pitches available )
Girder height (H) 70 - 300mm
Girder base width (L) 70 - 120mm
Max working speed 40m/min
Mechanical installed power 130 kW
Electrical installed power ( welding ) 500 kVA



Special Applications

Specifications listed refer to the standard range of models. Different line and/or production configurations for the production of special electro welded structures/ girders can be studied and developed in accordance with the client's specifications and requirements.